Adventure Travel Advice for the Fiercely Adventurous

There’s proper adventure travel out in the world, it just takes a bit of guts to go find it. This is a resource for the independent traveller; truly exciting destinations for genuine inspiration and unbiased opinions on all things travel from vaccinations through to photography equipment.

Developed out of years of experience, this is a project to deliver first hand travel knowledge, dedicated to the way I like to travel; proper old school adventuring.

I’m a closet travel junky, and this website is my way of keeping my passion for adventuring alive while I face the routine of 9-to-5 existence.  I revel in the challenge and excitement of being somewhere completely foreign, remote and off the beaten track. 

It is my aim to provide you with road tested travel advice; a real starting point for your own adventures and grand ramblings. Travel morsels to savour, maybe devour if you prefer, but above all to help foster, encourage, cajole and goad you off the sofa and into the Gobi Dessert (or the maybe the Kalahari, or the Mojave, or possibly the Atacama).

You’ll find adventure travel inspiration and practical help with.......

  • An ever expanding list of challenging destinations that really inspire. With pages on how to get around, culture and cuisine we’ll summon your wanderlust

  • Snap happy; photography equipment advice and tips to help record the adventure of your life

By the way, getting adventurous doesn’t mean having lashings of time. I’ll show you how to get way off the beaten track and back without putting your life on hold. If you’re like me, I’ve become well versed in the art of the making my annual leave go the distance - getting there (wherever that maybe) and back with the precious time I have.

So get inspired. Get dusty, get sweaty and don’t shower for days. Take all night bus journeys (hell, ride on the roof if you want to). Get lost. Get found again; inspire yourself through Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel
Overseas adventure travel; push your boundaries, challenge perceptions and explore new horizons
Solo Adventure Travel
It takes a bit of guts to undertake solo adventure travel; trust in yourself to succeed and you will have a hugely rewarding experience
Adventure Travel India
Adventure Travel India; the most vibrant, challenging and exciting travel experience you will ever have
Adventure travel in India; exploring the northern subcontinent
Adventure travel in India; exploring the Northern Subcontinent. One of the most vibrant, challenging and exciting travel experiences you will ever have
Adventure Travel in Nepal
Adventure Travel in Nepal epitomises what it means to travel adventurously. Explore the culture and natural diversity that sits within the majestic Himalaya
Trinidad Cuba; Explore the unchanged face of Spanish colonial architecture
Trinidad Cuba; Immerse yourself in this remarkably preserved Spanish colonial town
Cool Travel Accessories for Your Adventures
There are some really useful and cool travel accessories out there; here’s a selection of indispensible kit for your adventures
Adventure Travel Clothing and Accessories
Travel clothing and accessories; know what to pack to keep you comfortable and focused on your adventure
Travel Health Advice: Adventure Safely
Travel Health Advice; before jetting off and while on the road, know what precautions are needed to be safe and sound for adventure travel
International Travel Health Insurance; stay safe and healthy on the road
International Travel Health Insurance; be prepared and know you’re covered before departing for adventure travel
Travel Literature: Read it, get excited, get inspired. Go.
Travel Literature; kick start your adventure travel with a bookshelf full of adventurous reading
Volunteer Work Overseas: Be Adventurous and Lend a Hand
Volunteer Work Overseas: Be adventurous and lend a hand to a community or organization that could do with your help
The Adventure Travel Blog
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About Adventure Travel
About Adventure Travel; what has driven me to start this site and where I see it in the future