About Adventure Travel Advice.com: A Little About Me and My Site

My name’s James, and this site is my creation. So then, a little about Adventure Travel Advice.com and me.

It’s an ever-expanding project to share my love of adventure travel and to empower people to take a chance; dip toes into the unknown, maybe scare yourself a little, definitely encounter challenges but to always feel the exhilaration of being somewhere new and completely foreign.

auto-rickshawThat's me; stealing an auto-rickshaw. Gwalior, India

I started seriously travelling back in 2006. I am an architect by profession, and after a slavish period of frenetic work, professional exams and 9-to-5 tedium I embarked on a 7 month odyssey from New Zealand through South-East Asia and India with a plan to eventually end up in the UK. After 5 intense years of my early professional life, this was the first time I could relax, let the stress go and really explore.

It was liberation. I fell in love with the freedom of travel and the delight of the unexpected; the profusion of new sights, sounds and smells, foreign snippets of everyday life; anticipation for the journey ahead, getting lost and getting found again - I found it all completely intoxicating. I still do.

Like most people who have taken an extended break to travel, it becomes a habit that’s hard to kick. It was certainly hard to settle back into the 9-to-5 routine after the sensory smorgasbord of South East Asia. So much so, that in 2009 I found myself back in India for 6 months mixing in volunteer work with some serious travel. Click here for my introduction to volunteer work overseas.

I now live and work in London. When time allows I try to explore Europe and scheme up grand adventures further afield. My travel wish-list for the near future is Morocco, Jordan and Iran. So it goes without saying, expect thorough write-ups on Adventure Travel-Advice.com for these and hopefully more destinations over the next year.

I sincerely hope you enjoy everything about Adventure Travel Advice.com. It is still in its infancy but steadily growing; my wish for it is to be genuinely helpful and inspirational.

All the best for your adventures.

Cheers, James Dugdale

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