Adventure Travel India: The Most Vibrant, Challenging and Exciting Travel Experience You Will Ever Have

Adventure Travel India; for me this sentence is synonymous with a country I’ve come to love – Incredible India.

Steeped in contradictions, India is a sensory riot that at once confounds, amazes and inspires me; a conundrum of dense, chaotic super-cities, lush tropical landscapes and sun-drenched beaches, searing deserts and harsh Alpine playgrounds that lie on Himalaya’s doorstep. However you approach India, it is a country that will test and cajole anyone from profound admiration to absolute frustration.

But however you react, India is never a destination you forget; from the moment your visa is stamped you become one with Hindustan. Don’t leave home without understanding your India visa requirements. Check here for details.

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For the purpose of this site, I’ve split India geographically into three sections with dedicated pages covering North, Central and South India. These areas were travelled over two separate trips and it total accounts for about three months worth of travel.

India is a tapestry of ethnicities and cultures as varied as its geography. For me Indian culture is a sensory kaleidoscope, there’s a spark of spontaneity that comes alive through one billion inhabitants, crumbling remains of empire, soaring fortresses, bustling bazaars threaded together through deep religious reverence and diversity.

Open any major newspaper and you’ll be bombarded with a heady mix of cricket, Bollywood gossip, Indian news and politics. India’s middle and upper classes have prospered over the recent years as the country’s phenomenal economic growth races ahead, but vast swaths of the population are still yet to reap benefits; predominantly in rural areas.

India barrages the senses, and initially it can seem overwhelming. After a period of acclimatisation this is what you’ll hopefully come to love about the country; the profusion of sounds, sights and smells that permeate everyday life overlaid with a breathtaking depth of history; Adventure Travel India.

Having lived in bustling dusty Delhi, transported myself by foot, rickshaw, bus and the ubiquitous Indian railways from the deep tropical south to Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh to Jammu and Kashmir, I want to share my love of this great land in all of its vivid beauty and contradictions.

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