Cool Travel Accessories: Handy Things for Adventuring

Cool travel accessories; I’m a sucker for a nifty bit of kit as I’m sure most keen travellers are. But I do like to keep what I carry to the bare minimum, so what I choose to pack has to be innovative, useful and do its job well.

A quick browse on the web for travel accessories will have you realising there’s a lot of cack out there. So I’m cutting to the chase; this my personal selection of damn-right useful things – more than cool travel accessories; travel indispensables! Handy things you can be depend on.

The Petzl headlamp

petzl headlampCool travel accessories don’t come much more useful than this; Petzl headlamps have been illuminating peoples adventures for over 30 years. They take strapping a torch to your head very seriously! So much so, there is practically a headlamp for every occasion.

Click here for my views, thoughts and musings on the great Petzl headlamp.

Travel clothes line

travel clothes lineWell, you may be thinking this is a bit mundane. What, a washing line! But actually, this is an unsung hero – an underestimated piece of kit. It’s simple, ordinary everyday function belies its supreme efficacy. Things don’t come much more cheap, simple or useful than this my friends.

Click to hear me extol the virtues of three pieces of inter-twinned bungee cord with hooks at either end; a travel clothes line.

Travel power adapter

travel power adapterI’ll admit I have a tendency to forget travel plug adapters. I then seem to collect cheap ones that last precisely one week before developing a slightly concerning electrical/plastic burning smell. The vicious cycle then perpetuates itself by me wondering down to nearest market to buy the same average adaptor.

And so it starts again. One day I’ll learn and buy one of these fandangle devices; a proper travel power adapter.

Multi tool

multi toolWhat would an adventure be without the trusty, dependable multi tool or pocket knife? They really are usefulness personified. Whether a classic Victorinox, or a rugged Leatherman multi tool, the ability to fix your backpack or butter toast is always on hand.

Click here for a selection of Victorinox pocket knives and the legendary Leatherman multi tool.

Portable solar power

portable solar powerThe saying goes that nothing in life is free. That might be the case, but if willing to spend a bit up front on a portable solar charger, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to charge any of your electrical gadgets anywhere, anytime! Thanks Sun.

Click here to peruse a selection of portable solar power chargers in all of their photovoltaic glory. Coming soon.

The humble travel lock

travel lockLock it or lose it! This is not always the case, but there comes a time in any globe roaming escapade when your bags and belongings need to be secure. I’ve learned the hard way on this.

Click here to see an array of bits and bobs to lock, shackle, tether and protect your travel possessions; the humble travel lock. Coming soon.

Sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag linerI’ve stayed in some pretty dire hotels and hostels and there’s been one piece of kit that has pulled me through time and time again – a silk sleeping bag liner! It packs down super-small and is like having your own set of bed linen. Light weight, easy to wash and quick to dry. Perfect.

Sleep easy. Click here for my take on the indispensible sleeping bag liner. Coming soon.

Of course there are many more useful cool travel accessories and bits of kit out there, this is just the start. So I’ll be adding more for sure.

Have A Favourite Piece of Travel Kit?

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The Petzl Headlamp; illuminating people’s adventures

The Travel Clothes Line; do your own washing, hang it to dry

Travel power adapter; plug me in. Have the right travel plug adapter

A multi tool is usefulness personified, and it’s in your pocket!

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