India Visa Requirements; ensure your passport is prepped and primed for your Hindustan adventure

India visa requirements; there’s just a little red tape to get through before settling into your great Indian escapade.

What would be a visit to India without a bit of red tape? Consider it training.

The majority of people must obtain a visa before entering India. The standard tourist visa is usually more than satisfactory, valid for six months with multiple entries from the date of issue; a lot of adventure travel can happen on one of those! These are issued to nationals of most countries, although best to check with your local Indian embassy.

Six-month and twelve-month visas can be obtained in the UK. If issued with a multiple entry twelve-month visa you may be restricted to 180 days per visit. Registration may also be required at the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO) for visas over six-months; this is required within the first 14 days of being in India. Be sure to check the requirements with the Indian embassy in your country prior to leaving.

Visa news

The Indian Government has recently announced an ‘experimental’ visa-on-arrival scheme for nationals of Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Singapore. Issued only at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata international airports, visas are valid for 30 days for a single entry and are non-extendable.

The cost is $60 USD or equivalent in Indian Rupees per passenger. Please check the status of this scheme prior to travelling.

If in any doubt, I would advise getting your Indian visa in your home country before leaving.

Visa costs

Indian tourist visa costs breakdown like this:

Kiwis: Six-month visa, $95 NZD.

Australians: Six-month visa, $75 AUD + $18 AUD processing fee.

Britons: Six-month visa, £39. 12-month visa, £59.

US citizens: Six-month visa, $73 USD + $13 USD processing fee.

Canadians: Six-month visa, $62 CAD + $19 CAD processing fee.

For further information on all things visa related visit your Indian embassy/consulate or the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs website here.

If you’re from a country not listed above, my apologies. Here’s a useful link to help track down contact details for your nearest Indian mission/consulate. From here you should also be able to find the latest visa and fees info.

Visa extensions

If you find yourself wanting to stay longer, you could consider doing a ‘visa run’ to Nepal or Bangladesh. However be sure to check the minimum time period between tourist visa applications, there’s currently a gap of two months stated on some Indian High Commission websites. Be sure to check the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs website for the latest information.

14 day extensions can be granted in exceptional conditions if you find yourself in an impossibly tight spot/and/or your adventure is turning to custard. You need to apply in person to the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO), and these can be found in most main centres.

In Delhi the Foreigners Regional Registration Office is located at Block 8, Sector 1, R.K. Puram (Behind Hyatt Regency Hotel). Ph. 91-11-2671 1348, Fax. 91-11-2671 1348.

Travel permits

Travel permits in addition to your tourist visa are required for some regions within India, including parts of the Northeast States. If you are planning on going to restricted areas, permission is usually required from the Ministry of Home Affairs followed by travel permits issued through the Foreigners Regional Registration Office.

So, in summary; always check your India visa requirements with the Indian Embassy in your home country, don’t leave getting your visa too late and remember to check visa processing times; don’t be left stranded.

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