International Travel Health Insurance: Better Safe than Sorry!

International travel health insurance; I’ve been lucky to have never used mine but it’s a precaution I always take. It really is better to be safe than sorry!

Making sure you have access to quality medical services and facilities abroad is your absolute number one priority. And of course ensure your beloved tech arsenal of Ipod/Iphone/laptop/digital camera and luggage is insured to save tears and tantrums should the worst happen.

International Travel Health Insurance; better safe than sorry!

International travel health insurance; in case something should go wrong

Do thorough research across the major insurers and carefully read the fine print. Some policies specifically exclude some dangerous activities such as snow sports, scuba diving, climbing and high altitude trekking.

Quick check

  • Check your existing policies; don’t ‘double cover’
  • Thoroughly research and compare travel insurance policies
  • Declare any medical conditions
  • Ensure the policy is right for your adventure; planning on climbing? make sure it covers this
  • Ensure the policy is valid for the countries you’re travelling in
  • Policy should always cover emergency evacuation home
  • Don’t be left stranded; ensure you have cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Read the small print; understand any exclusions. If they’re not clear talk to your insurer

Make sure you don’t ‘double cover’ yourself. Before purchasing travel insurance check your existing policies to see what they cover. Your home and contents insurance may include personal possessions cover, this could insure property taken overseas – be absolutely sure to read the fine print.

Also, some bank accounts offer travel insurance. Again, thoroughly examine the terms and conditions and whether the policy is suitable and comprehensive enough for your needs.

Be upfront with your insurer about your plans and they’ll tailor a policy to suit your adventure. Be sure to declare any medical conditions; you will not be covered if your insurer finds your condition is pre-existing and was undeclared. Need some travel health advice? Click here.

Depending on the policy, some insurance companies pay health providers directly, others require you to pay upfront and claim later. If claiming later, ensure to keep all receipts and documentation. Be clear what your policy allows for, in some countries such as India doctors expect payment in cash.

Be sure to check the policy covers emergency evacuation home. If you’re not insured for this, it could cost up to $100,000! Not nice. If you’ve had anything stolen make sure you get a get a police statement, without this your insurance company may reject your claim.

Carefully check the terms and conditions for cancellation and curtailment. Most good policies should include this but best be sure what is covered.

International travel health insurance is to be taken seriously, without it you could jeopardise your health and your adventure.

Now go and get travelling.

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