Lighten Your Load With a Few Lightweight Travel Clothes

Lightweight travel clothes can be approached in a few different ways, largely depending on your preferences. You could for example simply take less clothing with you to lighten your load. But a few carefully selected lightweight garments to keep you cool and/or warm can allow for flexibility and keep the weight down.

Lighten your load with a few lightweight travel clothes
Go Lightweight - lighten your load!
Load carrying, Kathmandu, Nepal

Know the weather conditions

First up, really know the country’s weather conditions for the time year you’ll be there and tailor what you pack to suit. If unsure, seek advice from people who have been before and cut down on unnecessary backpack clutter.

Fabric weights

Many brands offer garments in different fabric weights. For example Icebreaker clothing is made from fabric that comes in 150, 200 and 260gr/m2 weights, so what you select can be adapted to the climate you’ll be travelling in and consequently the weight/size of the backpack won’t balloon out of control.

The same holds true for bulkier items, such as outerlayers and wet-weather gear. Chances are you won’t be needing a full-on mountaineering jacket for your travels, when a parka made from similar, but much lighter fabric such as Gor-Tex Paclite would suffice.


Rather than taking single, bulky items of clothing for warmth, consider layering as a more flexible and multipurpose approach to travel clothing. To counter chilly morning starts and winter days, layer up a number of thin merino wool or polypropylene baselayers, these can then be worn singularly when the day heats up.

Number of Items

Lastly, I know it’s obvious but I’ll state it anyway; just take less clothing with you to begin with! I end up possibly doing my washing more often than most, but at least my backpack’s light! But not to worry, the majority of lightweight travel clothes dry very fast so you won’t be stuck for something to wear.

I’ve found that merino wool clothing, such as Icebreaker products, can be worn for days and still feel fresh and clean. Makes them perfect for when clothes washing just can’t happen, such as being stuck on back-to-back all night bus/train/plane/tuk-tuk journeys. Also one of the huge benefits is that they don’t get smelly like their synthetic counterparts. For why I think Icebreaker clothing is the bees-knees, click here. Coming soon.

By understand your destination’s weather, selecting appropriate lightweight travel clothes, knowing how to wear them and by being economical with the garments that’ll be along for the ride, you’ll keep weight down and energy levels up.

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