My List of Travel Websites: Compiled by Me for You

Here’s a list of travel websites that I’ve relied upon time and again for inspiration, finding and booking accommodation, researching destinations and for deciphering how to get from A to B and back again.

list of travel websitesUse my list of travel websites to get down right adventurous

They’re a useful set of tools that I always use prior to travel and while on the road. So, without further ado here they are;
Let’s kick off with the big daddy of them all. I use the Lonely Planet site for researching destinations; there’s a wealth of basic information including how to there (and back!), basic costs to be expected and visas required, a brief history and weather section and more besides. A great first port of call for info gathering or getting inspired.
For getting really specific with your travel research, looking for recommendations or wanting to discuss anything travel related with likeminded people, the Thorntree forum is a great place. With a plethora of different threads you’ll never be sort of something to say or read about.
A clean, simple and uncluttered accommodation booking website that’s easy to navigate and search your way to a good night’s sleep. With a clear customer ratings system and decent photographs, you’ll have confidence in your decision.
This is another accommodation booking website that makes selecting and booking a place to bed-down a hassle free experience. A concise and clear layout complete with ratings and reviews for each property and a handy directions section ensures getting to your hostel is as easy as booking it.
This is a website for true travel devotees of the subcontinent; a veritable goldmine of information covering the intricacies of travel in India for the beginner through to the seasoned adventurer. I first visited this site to get my head around the complex conundrum that is Indian Railways and from then on I’ve been a regular visitor. A brilliant place to help plan your Indian ramblings; one of the best India travel resources on the web.
If your adventure requires catching a train at some point, chances are the Seat61 website will prove very useful indeed. A real treasure trove of thoroughly researched and reliable information from routes, tickets and timetables. Its stripped back appearance does at first appear slightly chaotic does it does take a while to get used to. But if you’re serious about train travel, this site is truly indispensible.
Being an adventurous type (which I’m sure you are – you’re using my website. Top work!), you’ve undoubtedly come face-to-face with different cultures and situations which may have lead you to question and consider some of the salient issues comforting travel and tourism in the 21st century. Ethical Traveler provides a platform that discusses these and suggests ethical travel destinations through the ethos that travelling consciously can be a force for change.
I’m a fan of Kayak because of its clean and uncluttered interface, no getting bogged down in an avalanche of information. Kayak simply offers price comparisons between hundreds of travel website for flights, hotel rooms, car rentals and holidays - so doesn’t actually sell any itself. The handy ‘My Trips’ feature accumulates all your travel bookings in one place so they can be easily accessed later.
Similar to Kayak in conception and features, Skyscanner provides price comparison searches for the cheapest flights, hotels and car hire. A clear and concise layout enables easy navigation and usability and with over 670,000 routes on 600 airlines a real ability to find you a great deal.

There you go, that’s my select list of travel websites that I often use. I hope you find them useful in your quest to find out where to go and how to get there.

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