Overseas Adventure Travel: Push Your Boundaries and Explore New Horizons

Overseas adventure travel means different things to different people. We live in an era of hyper connectivity, where any want or desire can be satiated; an ever expanding appetite for more consumption, whether it be consumer goods or physical experience.

overseas adventure travel

Adventure travel; push your boundaries and explore new horizons. The Ganges at Varanasi, India

The way we travel is not immune from this; wanting the next destination, attraction, cultural site of importance. This can ultimately lead to a superficial skimming of a country or region. We all do this to varying degrees, driven by an itinerary, time, money and fellow travellers.

Consistently travelling in this way is to deprive yourself of a deeper level of appreciation and understanding that would ultimately enrich your adventures.

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The want for things to be ‘easy’ or ‘run smoothly’ also greatly dictates where and how some people choose to travel. This is the same as asking for something to be familiar; to be safe. My wish is that you explore beyond that which is perceived as ‘safe’ and convenient; to tackle challenging destinations with gusto.

To the degree we can slow down, spend more time and explore deeply, in my experience, the bigger the reward. Although this holds true, time for most of us is a precious commodity, ultimately dictating the terms of adventurous intentions.

One way of really getting beneath the surface of a country or region is to undertake volunteer work. Click here for my guide to volunteer work overseas.

However finite your adventures, find ways to pry open the cultural divide; to immerse yourself. Become attuned with your destination; do a little reading, brush up on some history, learn a little language. Find ways to ingratiate yourself.

So make an effort. An effort to challenge yourself through overseas adventure travel; the road less travelled. You’re not going on a holiday; you’re doing something better, you’re going on an adventure!

Volunteer Work Overseas; be adventurous and lend a hand

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