The Travel Clothes Line: Do Your Own Washing, Hang it Out to Dry

Behold the humble travel clothes line. You might not think it that exciting but you will come to appreciate its greatness. Oh yes. Chances are your adventures will take you places where you can’t rely on others to do your laundry. Do it yourself! Hand washing isn’t actually that hard, combined with modern, lightweight and quick drying travel clothes the task isn’t that onerous.

And the big plus is you save money! No paying others for laundry services. As kit goes it doesn’t get much more simple, or cheap, than the travel washing line.

Kathmandu Clothesline and Laundry Bag

travel clotheslineI currently have a travel washing line from outdoors supplier Kathmandu. It came with a very handy lightweight laundry bag, but the only letdown are the plastic hooks at either end.

The hooks need to be larger for better hooking! It also comes with rubber suction cups for attachment to smooth surfaces; walls, windows etc. I’ve found these work for a few minute/hours, but I usually wake up to find the clothes line draped over the floor.

However it has proved very useful. Made from twisted bungee cord, it can hold a surprising amount of washing at full stretch.

Lifeventure Clothesline

travel clotheslineSo my advice is to find a travel washing line with decent hooks! It looks as though I might have found it. Lifeventure produce a range of reliable travel kit, including a very sturdy travel washing line.

Like the Kathmandu clothesline, Lifeventure’s is 2m of twisted bungee cord. So no pegs are required as corners of clothes are caught in the twists. Good sturdy steel hooks ensure your washing line stays up and doing its job – drying washing!

So be proud and don’t be ashamed to do your own dirty laundry. It’s all part of the adventure!

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