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Well, what travel clothing and accessories to take on safari? An age old question. Ask any moustached explorer worth their weight in mosi repellent their opinion on travel clothing and you’re bound to get a response more epic than Kipling’s Jungle Book. There are many variables involved; personal preferences and travelling style through to the climate and the season you’ll be travelling in.

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Travel clothing and accessories; know what to packTravel clothing and accessories; our host, Sultan, shows how it's done Kashmiri style - keeping warm on Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir

Here I’ll try and explain my approach to travel clothing and accessories, however flawed it may be. Over the years, it’s been my tendency to pack less and less travel clothing and general ‘backpack clutter’. I try and take the minimum amount of clothing required, but make sure what I do take is flexible enough to cover all weather related eventualities I might expect; locust swarms (weather related? Not sure, but I’ll mention it anyway) and hurricanes notwithstanding.

Are you a sucker for a nifty bit of kit? I am. Click here for my take on indispensable and cool travel accessories.

Lightweight travel clothes

My idea of lightweight travel clothes is usually to take less. A fairly simple approach. I don’t tend to get overly preoccupied with how many grams I can shave off my poncho, but a few items of well selected lightweight travel clothing and accessories can make a difference when space and energy to haul them around is at a premium.

Click here for my take on lightweight travel clothes.

Travel pants and shorts

Travel pants and shorts are handy things. They keep you warm or cool and decent at the same time; outstanding. When I find a piece of clothing I like I tend to wear it to death; the pants and shorts I choose for travel aren’t immune from this, so here’s what I look out for in a superior pair of travel pants (or shorts!) for adventuring. Coming soon.

Zip off pants

Ingenious in conception - pants that become shorts or (wait for it), shorts that become pants! An unbelievable metamorphosis of travel apparel. A travel clothing staple for many, click here for the low down. Coming soon.

Travel shirts

Well, what to put on the top half? Maybe a shirt. I lost my favourite travel shirt on a beach in Goa, but rest assured there are many more where that came from. Whether a T-shirt or button-up, here’s my view on travel shirts to keep you cool, calm and level-headed. Coming soon.


Something lightweight and warm? A fleece jacket is a must for cooler climes. I’ve had my Gore Windstopper jacket since 1998 and it’s still going strong (albeit with a slightly wayward zip). It’s supplied its fair share of warmth on a few all-night train journeys and kept me toasty in a wintery Mcleod Ganj. Here’s my take on selecting a fleece jacket that’ll be a faithful travel companion for years to come. Coming soon.

Travel vest

This one really depends on where and when you’re travelling - a good winter travel clothing companion for those who like their arms unhindered and moving free! With the ability to squash down very mall, a good down vest can pack a lot of warmth for such a small garment. To peruse a few, click here. Coming soon.

Travel Jacket

My dad is the travel jacket/outerlayer king. Having spent years draped in Gore-Tex, he’ll extol the virtues of what works in jacket design and savagely critique what has bombed; from hood design to seam-sealing, nothings safe! For him a jacket/parka/wind-breaker/outerlayer (call it what you will) is the last word in practical travel clothing. It keeps the wind out, the rain at bay and your good-self warm. For a sensible, no-nonsense guide to travel jackets and outerlayers, click here. Coming soon.

Thermal clothing and baselayers

A set of thermal leggings and tops can really take the edge off chilly morning starts and winter adventures. There are a few varieties to choose from and a couple of things to look out for. Here’s my take toasty warm thermal clothing shenanigans. Coming soon.

Icebreaker clothing

Hailing from my homeland New Zealand, I’m a big fan of Icebreaker clothing. They’re made from merino wool, are hardwearing, well designed, last for years and don’t smell bad if not washed for a while! The perfect travel garment.

Click here for my personal take on Icebreaker clothing and why I think they’re just plain awesome.

So there you have it. Nothing ostentatious, definitely not flashy; just my take on sensible, comfortable travel clothing and accessories. Happy travels.

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