Travel Literature: Read about it, get Excited, and then Go. Simple.

Travel Literature; there’s one simple way to truly get excited about adventure travel and that’s to read about. Really live your dream destination; absorb the stories, the photographs of those who have adventured before. Feel the palpable exhilaration that comes from being somewhere completely new. Then go.

From National Geographic to Lonely Planet, Paul Theroux to Michael Palin, their writing aims to conjure wonder, to inspire adventure that shakes the shackles of everyday life; encouragement to explore the unknown.

Travel literature; inspiration for adventureTravel literature; an adventurous bookshelf

My travels, like I’m sure almost everyone else’s, are nurtured and encouraged through reading. Whether its trip planning with a trusty Lonely Planet or absorbing a riveting blog post, travel literature is always at the heart of our adventurous endeavours.

The breadth and width of travel literature is bewilderingly huge. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, so here’s my take on where to start to look; a few suggestions to get you underway.

Travel Guide Books

Some travel purists might not like to admit it, but a good travel guide usually forms the backbone of any independent adventure. I have to admit I’m really a creature of habit and once I’ve found something I really like, I tend to stick with it. Click here for my favourite publishers of travel guide books.

Are you preparing to go or just come back from somewhere crazily adventurous? Click here to post reviews and thoughts on travel guide books you’re using or have used....

Travel magazines

I’ll be honest, I’ve been seduced by glossy images of far flung places. For regular inspiration and adventure eye-candy there’s nothing better than a nice shiny new travel mag. Click here for reviews, thoughts and musings on travel magazines.

Travel websites

As I’m sure you know, the internet represents a huge travel resource; from researching destinations, booking accommodation, seeking inspiration or getting flights sorted. Here’s a list of travel websites and resources that have helped me out.

Travel blogs

Broadcast your adventure; tell your friends and the world about it. I’ve had my blog since 2006, it’s proved to be an invaluable record of my ramblings over the years; a store house of written memories and images. Here’s a brief selection of the best travel blogs I’m currently enjoying and few pointers on how to create your own.


Great travel writing can be impetus enough to boot you out the door and onto a plane. Ever since humans have had wanderlust, from travel thru ancient Greece to the fascination of the Grand Tour, travelogues become the narrative of inspiration for those that seek it. Here’s an adventurous set of travelogues to get even the most sedentary, couch-bound explorer into a safari suit; coming soon!

Be discerning about what you read and absorb and you’ll be rewarded. To really make the most of your adventures, superlative inspiration and knowledge is key. Immerse yourself briefly in the grand travels of others then launch your own. It’ll be worth it.

Travel Guide Books; get beneath the surface of your destination and plan your adventure

Travel Magazines; get your regular fix of adventure eye-candy and inspire adventure travel to far-flung places

My List of Travel Websites; Compiled by Me for You

Best Travel Blogs; Heroic Tales of Adventures, Foreign Lands and Hangovers

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